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Open Lesson | 20.03.2014

Internet: the next 25 years

Steven Pemberton (IT researcher & theorist [Netherlands]) is sharing his analysis and vision on the future of the Internet, programming languages, and technological progress in general.

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Freelance work. Javascript. | 10.02.2014

How to become a freelancer in Armenia?

Introduction to JavaScript and alternative technologies

Exams | 23.01.2014

Exams were held for the 1st stage of the Web programming course.
The results will be crucial to define the participants of the next stage.

Open Lesson: How to Create a Startup in Armenia | 09.10.2013

How to Create a Successful Web App & Cloud Based Startup in Armenia?
joint open lesson: IT School Foundation and

Todd Fabacher (IT specialist and entrepreneur [USA]) is analyzing the most important aspects of creating your own startup from the technical to the business and marketing skills.

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Sport Meeting | 22.09.2013

Sport meeting was organized between IT School and Leadership School students.

Lesson: Operating Systems | 16.09.2013

First Meeting | 12.09.2013

First meeting with the 2013-2014 course participants

Admission exams | 08.2013