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Exams | 21.01.2013

Exams were held for the 1st stage of the Web programming course.
The results will be crucial to define the participants of the next stage.

Visit: N14 special school | 19.12.2012

The students are helping the pupils of N14 special school after N.Tigranyan for children with visual impairments to take first steps in Internet.

Lesson: CSS | 14.12.2012

Link related features in CSS

Team presentation | 30.10.2012

The students are presenting their team research.

Visit: inLOBBY | 22.10.2012

Khachik Nazaryan (co-founder and vice president, inLOBBY)
is sharing his insights and experience in techno-preneurism.

Sport meeting | 23.09.2012

Sport meeting was organized between IT School and Leadership School students.

First meeting | 13.09.2012

5th Pan-Armenian Educational Conference | 08.2012

IT School is participating in the 5th Pan-Armenian Educational Conference organized by the Ministry of Education and Science.

Admission exams | 08.2012